NVATeamSouthern Exposure Loses to Ramblers in 3 on Day 2

November 8, 20200


Set #1 – Ramblers 25, Southern Exposure 23


Ramblers score first point on a OH kill. Three Southern Exposure hitting errors and a Rambler OH kill increase the Rambler lead to 5-0. Southern Exposure scores back-to-back points on two OH kills to 5-2. Ramblers increased lead from Ramblers’ hitting errors and OH Kills to 8-3. Southern Exposure called timeout. After timeout Southern Exposure sided-out and scored son an MB block point to cut the lead to 8-6. Ramblers stretch their lead to 12-7 after a Southern Exposure hitting error and OH Kill. At 14-9 two Ramblers OH kills increase the lead to 16-9. Southern Exposure scores four points in a row from OH kills and a Rambler hitting error to cut the lead to 16-13. Ramblers called a timeout. Southern Exposure service error made it 17-13. At 19-15 Ramblers’ hitting error cuts lead to 19-16. Southern Exposure scores an ace to 20-18. Ramblers stretch their lead again back to three on a Southern Exposure hitting error 22-18. Ramblers’ hitting error cuts the lead to 23-21. Southern Exposure’s service error gave a 24-21 lead. Southern Exposure called timeout and then sided out to 24-22. Southern Exposure’s MB block point saves a set point. At 24-23 Ramblers called a timeout; and close out the set with an OH kill.

Ramblers – 3 Aces, 10 Kills, 12 Opponent Errors; 88% Reception and 42% Hitting.


Southern Exposure – 1 Aces, 10 Kills, 1 Block Point, 11 Opponent Errors; 93% Reception and 53% Hitting.


Set #2 – Ramblers 25, Southern Exposure 15


Southern Exposure scores first point on a Ramblers’ hitting error. After Ramblers’ sided-out Southern Exposure scored on a MB block point and took a 2-1 lead.  Ramblers countered with a MB block point; and a Southern Exposure hitting error increased the Ramblers’ lead to 5-2. Southern Exposure rallied with two OH kills to 5-4. Ramblers increase their lead again to 8-4 after a  OH kill and Southern Exposure hitting error. At 10-6 a Rambler increase their lead again with an MB block point and OH kill to 12-6. Southern Exposure OH block point cut the Ramblers’ lead to 13-8. Ramblers add to their lead with a OH kill to 16-9. Southern Exposure called a timeout. Ramblers’ scored two more points on a OH roll kill and ace to 18-9. Souther Exposure overpass and Ramblers OH kill increased the Rambler lead again to 20-10. Souther Exposure bounced back with three OH kill in a row to 20-13. A Ramblers’ MB Block point and Southern Exposure hitting error increased the lead to 23-13. A Ramblers’ OH roll kill took them to set point 24-14. Rambler service error made it 24-15. And then the Ramblers sided-out with an OH kill to win the set.


Ramblers – 3 Aces, 13 Kills, 3 Block Points, 6 Opponent Errors; 92% Reception and 65% Hitting.


Southern Exposure – 6 Kills, 2 Block Point, 7 Opponent Errors; 76% Reception and 32% Hitting.


Set #3 – Ramblers 25, Southern Exposure 17


Southern Exposure took an early two point lead with a series of OH kills and Rambler hitting errors to 5-3. At 8-6 Ramblers’ back-to-back MB block points tied the score at 8-8. Ramblers took a two point lead with two OH kills to 11-9. Southern Exposure called a timeout and sided-out. At 12-10 Southern Exposure scored on a OH kill and ace and tied to 12-12. Ramblers sided out, then followed with a service ace and OH kill to increase their lead to 15-12. Ramblers killed their run with a service error to 15-13. A Ramblers’ MB block point increased their lead to four at 18-14. At 19-15 Ramblers added to their lead with a OH roll kill to 20-15. After Southern Exposure sided-out, Ramblers scored four points in a row from OH kills and Southern Exposure errors to 24-17. Ramblers closed out the set and match with an OH kill.


Ramblers – 2 Aces, 11 Kills, 3 Block Points, 9 Opponent Errors; 78% Reception and 55% Hitting.


Southern Exposure – 1 Ace, 10 Kills, 1 Block Point, 5 Opponent Errors; 91% Reception and 43% Hitting.

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